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Health Care Continues to Boost the Outlook for Cleveland

In previous posts we have already discussed the ways in which Cleveland’s healthcare sector can make the Ohio city an appealing destination not only for healthcare professionals but also for information technology professionals who might be able to contribute to growing tech integration and for various people who may need regular medical care, including in […]

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Re-Invigorating the Local Draw of College Sports

On Tuesday, the website 247Sports embedded the morning’s broadcast of the “Bucknuts Morning 5” to share their perspective on the first day of fall camp practice for Ohio State. This is worth mentioning because of the part of their commentary that became the headline for the 247Sports page: “It really is the Golden Age of […]

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Free Family Activities in Cleveland

On many prior occasions, we’ve made an effort to point out some of the fun an interesting things that make Ohio and its major cities great places to move to, whether you’re starting a family, going to school, or making a change of career. Of course we want to encourage you to hire a moving […]

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Ohio State Fair Welcomes New and Long-time Ohioans

As of Wednesday, the Ohio State Fair is officially open to the public, and it will continue through August 9. Despite a lot of recent rain, the weather forecast is mostly clear for the 12 day run. That’s good news for visitors, and also for anyone who’s been talking to an Ohio moving company about […]

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