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If Needed, Escape Noise with a Jacksonville Moving Company

Recently, News 4 Jacksonville filed a report on a new sound ordinance for Jacksonville Beach businesses. One wonders if the one-year pilot program in question is the sort of thing that will send Jacksonville moving companies shuffling residents and business owners into different areas as a result of the new conflicts and incentives it creates. […]

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Luxury is Up-and-Coming in Fort Lauderdale

There are numerous stories in the news these days which point to the luxurious future that northern Florida is going to enjoy. As a Fort Lauderdale relocation service, we have seen the quality of homes and other properties in the area reach a peak, and we’re proud to have helped so many people get in […]

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Pet-Friendly Jacksonville

If you’re looking for a home near the Atlantic Coast that will also provide you with a friendly environment in which to take care of a domestic animal (or several), Jacksonville, Florida just might be the place. As a Jacksonville moving company, we’ve certainly helped plenty of new residents to move their furry friends into […]

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Despite Clashing Worldviews, Fort Lauderdale Welcomes All

Fort Lauderdale’s annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast took place on Friday and made headlines as a result of the controversy surrounding one speaker’s views toward the LGBT community. Some people took issue with Mayor Jack Seiler sharing a stage with Focus on the Family President Jim Daly and expressed this in their protests of the event. […]

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