How a Cincinnati, Ohio Moving Company Can Make You Cool

When you call a Cincinnati, Ohio moving company you’re taking the first step towards truly being cool. Or maybe, if you’re already cool you’re more likely to make that call. We’ll admit that even though we ourselves are a Cincinnati, Ohio moving company, we’re not quite sure how it works. All we know is that according to, Cincinnati has become the coolest city in the Midwest.1 That must say something about its residents, and about its prospective residents.

The article highlights nine reasons for its conclusion, including the city’s arts and food scene. It also identifies Over-the-Rhine as a particularly up-and-coming neighborhood, and one of the coolest in the entire country. Any Cincinnati, Ohio moving company should be able to tell you that a certain class of people is being drawn to that neighborhood. But the same company should also be able to identify other neighborhoods that are following suit, many of which are lesser known and still enjoy lower property prices.

We regard it as part of our responsibility as a Cincinnati, Ohio moving company to keep prospective movers aware of these options. That is the essential reason for this blog; and we’re also happy to talk with you directly about prospects for moving to other areas with rising levels of retail activity or with close proximity to Riverside or any of the city’s revamped outdoor spaces. These are also reasons why Only in Your State sees Cincinnati as such a cool place to make a home. And we couldn’t agree more.